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At Nevalee Business Solution the customer is always at the heart of what we do and taking the time to fully understand and realise their unique requirements is central to helping them gain and maintain a competitive advantage. For some businesses off the shelf products fit perfectly, but increasingly this is not the case. Bespoke and highly customisable software solutions are rapidly becoming the norm, allowing complex processes to be managed in user friendly environments.

Our custom portals are designed with you and with a focus on simplifying your business’s challenges and complexities. These portals can be anything from public facing web shops or B2B online catalogues to back office management and administration systems. Initially we can work with the stakeholders of a process as well as end users/customers to fully grasp the scope of the requirements. This enables us to build a workflow to identify the areas where improvements, like automation or removing duplication, can be made.

The user interface is then built within a browser environment, meaning it can be accessed from any device on any operating system. It also allows for a variety of options for hosting the portal; on premise within a current infrastructure, as part of a Software as a Service (Saas) model or on your preferred hosting service. This all means your business is given a product that works for you, is branded in your style and is supported by the Nevalee team that fully understands every aspect of it.

Nevalee Business Solutions will work with you to ensure the ongoing success of your portal, giving you the confidence to grow your business with a system that grow with you. And in a world of ever change regulations and requirements, we can support you to remain compliant. Your unique, bespoke portal can be the catalyst to changes and improvements, backed by real-time data, and working to the ethos of right information, right person, right time.



Read what some of our customers are saying about Bespoke Portals

  • Recently we have commenced using Web Portals developed by Nevalee to enhance business flexibility, and they are a far better fit for non-financial staff, who need a process or enquiry capability without needing to understand or navigate through an accounting system. They are also excellent where a process/workflow is required for finance staff, such as credit control activity. The flood gates have opened, we started with one very sizeable Web Portal for Events Financial Management and Nevalee are now developing our 7th portal. If we had to go to the market and buy ‘off the shelf’ products to replace the web portals, which would not be nearly as fit for business as the ones we have, they would have cost us circa £100k per annum, plus any implementation/licence purchase costs. We have achieved something far better, at a fraction of the cost. Nevalee are not just our service provider, it really is a partnership to get the best out of the system!

    Nicila Collier — Head of Back Office & Reporting QC