Release Notes - Febuary 2020 Update

RedAtlas Airport Management System

New Features

  • Forms – New screen to allow for configuration of which form/reports to use in different processes within RedAtlas


  • Credit Notes – Partial Credit – When crediting an invoice, you can select which invoice lines are being credited
  • Credit Movement – When crediting a movement there is now an option to not return the movement to uncharged activity
  • Fuel – Virtual Docket Numbers – To assist with paper free transactions there is now an automated docket number option with definable number range
  • Customers – When entering a customer number in Booking/Payment screens the customer detail will show if the customer is on Account or PAYG
  • Customers – Copy Documents – There is now a Download button in the Copy Document tab, with the options to select a date range of documents
  • Fuel – New email template for fuel receipts
  • Fuel – Change Batch Number – Change the Active Batch Number in a Fuel Location outside of the normal updates that occur during deliveries/transfers
  • Airfield Operations – Improved process in Wildlife Logging for None Seen so that Activity, Method and Flight Direction options do not need completing.
  • Airfield Operations – Safety Areas can now be associated with specific Safety Activity Types to make the Area lookup in the Maintenance screen accurate
  • Fuel – Dips can now be done in based on Daily, Weekly or Monthly
  • Fuel – Within the new Forms section a Fuel Receipt form can be attached to the email as part of the current Fuel Receipt process
  • Customer Admin – New fields in customer details for Airport Operator Code, VAT Number and an Is Company flag

Bug Fixes

  • ATC – corrects the issue in Bookings screen where autocomplete would not allow overtyping without deleting the autocompleted entry first