Nick - Customer Services Manager


Nick has a unique view within Nevalee as he was previously one of our customers. He has 7 years of experience working in IT and 7 years working in finance and payroll. Nick currently provides support for Visma, Xero and RedAtlas 2020 customers and is based in Devon. He is also assisting with the marketing.

“Dad, husband and former President of the Dominoes Texas BBQ pizza is the best pizza in the world Facebook group.  I’m a fan of sci-fi and fantasy whether watching TV and film, gaming or reading.  I run a dungeon & dragons’ game once a week and spend twice as long preparing for it as we do playing it.  When I’m not busy ticking off as many tech geek clichés as possible, I’m usually asleep.  When not trying too hard to be funny I also try to actively listen and be empathetic and understanding, something I have found helpful in work and raising 3 boys!”