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Airport management is a complex process, emphasising the need for an efficient, bespoke, integrated system to assist in achieving the fundamental goals of successfully managing a busy airfield. Every airfield is unique and must consider a variety of factors when looking forward.

RedAtlas provides that bespoke, smooth integration to suit each airfield with a seamless link between the Air Traffic Control (ATC), ground operations and accounts.

The ATC application operates in real-time so delivers the opportunity to monitor and track movements, whilst being aware of unpaid fees prior to departure, assisting in the smooth running of an efficient airfield. The live arrivals and departures board feeds customers up to date information, ensuring the customer is relaxed and prioritised in a busy world.

RedAtlas also boasts intuitive back-office modules to manage hangarage, parking and fuel. The fuel module monitors stock for multiple fuel types and stores, complete with easy to use processes for sales, deliveries, transfers and adjustments.

The accounting process offers a flexible approach to pricing and invoicing and provides a timesaving data entry process to maximise operational performance.

With features including taking e-signatures and emailing fuel receipts and invoices, along with the system’s optimisation for use on mobile devices, any busy operations department will see benefits. Say goodbye to duplicated data entry and hello to efficient, easy to use processes.

RedAtlas is constantly evolving to meet the needs of small and medium sized airfields. A demonstration site is provided, allowing all staff to familiarise themselves with the software prior to going live. In addition, a full training programme, easy to use guides, and remote/telephone support ensure a smooth transition to the system.

If you would like to learn more about Redatlas then please follow this link to the RedAtlas Website.

  • Our recent move to the Red Atlas Airport Management System required several customised solutions to enable integration with our existing systems. The support team have been excellent from the very beginning, with regular contact and swift resolution of any issues and when testing various functions. As such, we are already seeing benefits of Red Atlas with time saving efficiencies in our administrative processes. The team is actively developing new features and are very pro-active and receptive to suggestions and feedback, which will further enhance the software package as it continues to evolve.

    Nick Duriez — Airport Director

  • Redhill Aerodrome has used RedAtlas, in various forms, for over fifteen years. The latest version, RedAtlas, has brought numerous improvements with the transition managed professionally and with the minimum of fuss.

    The cloud-based version has brought the ability for remote working by the accounts and ATC administration departments. The number of reports available is impressive, however if there isn’t one that gives you exactly what you need the team at Nevalee are quick to oblige. The ability to view live account data and aircraft movements provides the opportunity to rectify errors before the monthly invoices are produced. Since we moved to RedAtlas the number of credit notes issued has reduced by 90%.

    The live Arrival and Departure information published on our website has eliminated telephone calls from the flying clubs and private pilots to ATC asking for their take-off and landing times.
    RedAtlas is a powerful tool and the team at Nevalee are a pleasure to deal with.

    Philip Wright — Aerodrome Manager

  • RedAtlas has been a revelation to our working practices and brought us into the 21st century. It has made us more efficient and more profitable by helping to reduce errors and not letting the little things slip through our fingers. The system is really easy to use and any requests for updates/revisions/ideas are always readily accepted with a “let’s see what we can do for you” attitude or sometimes “it already does that…. Have you tried clicking this?” RedAtlas is very intuitive and logical to use and all the staff here at Kemble picked it up quickly and we were up and running in no time. It is now really embedded within our company and everyone has welcomed the change and fully engaged with the whole system.

    Glen Moreman — Operations Manager

  • The Goodwood Aerodrome has used RedAtlas system for a number of years for the administration of aerodrome operations and our flying school.

    The standard RedAtlas system is implemented with some bespoke changes to integrate into the wider Goodwood Group IT infrastructure and enterprise solutions. Recently we implemented an upgrade to the new web based RedAtlas system.

    The unique environment of flying at Goodwood requires IT solutions for; air traffic information management, aerodrome and flying school operations management including trial lessons/flight experiences and event aircraft slot landing management. All of these items are included in the RedAtlas solution we operate and have been specifically developed where required to meet our operational needs.

    Nevalee are a flexible team who deliver ongoing support and bespoke changes in order to meet our business needs. RedAtlas represents a good value solution that meets many of our IT needs.

    Simon Beken — Aviation Sales & Commercial Manager