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Here at Nevalee we know our strength lies with the excellent team we have. Our wide range of experience and knowledge and our focus on the customer and understanding their business is something we are proud of. So, before we get to know you and your business here is a chance to get to know us.


  • Keith Nevalee's founder and Managing Director

    Keith has over 30 years of experience working in a range of roles including in-house and outsourced IT departments and consulting on IT training and security. His customer focus within Nevalee is to ensure that the IT solutions we provide are improving business processes, not just automating them. He is the point of contact with our customers from day one, and continues to be until after completion of the work, providing support and training and being there if the customer pursues further development.

    Keith is also a volunteer trustee for a local children’s charity, Kamelia Kids Day Nursery based in Goring, West Sussex. Along with attending regular meetings he supports and advises them on business procedure and IT along with being legally accountable for the long-term sustainability and viability of the nursery.

    “As someone who never wanted to run his own company or even work with accounting software, I now have the privilege to be at the front of an amazing team selling and supporting software that encompasses all accounting functions. Hobbies have taken a back seat for a few years, but generally I like sport, all sport, mainly enjoyed from the comfort of the sofa these days. If there is no sport then a good action movie is my idea of a perfect relax, even if I am watching it for the 3rd or 4th time”

  • Richard Software Development Manager

    Richard is Nevalee's Software Development Manager and has been with us since day one. He has a degree in maths and 20 years of experience working in IT. He uses the power of coffee and Google-fu combined with attention to detail and years of experience interpreting customer's wants into real world working code, to produce some of our fantastic application, websites, reports and all the magic that happens behind the scenes.

    “I like real ale and hot curries. I’m a big fan of reading and watching sci-fi, horror, and comedy. If I get any spare time after that, I occasionally attempt to make music on my Technics organ – one day, I hope to be as good as Les Dawson.”

  • Stella Accounts/Office Manager

    Stella is the calm center and the organiser, and has also been part of the team since day one. Her wealth of experience in general business, including running her own business, means she is the gold standard when it comes to customer service. In addition, Stella ensures that the team is hydrated and well supplied with healthy snacks, a happy team will make happy customers! Stella is also a Director at Nevalee and is taking the lead on marketing, policies and GDPR. She is the person that challenges us to ensure we are getting the best out of ourselves.

    “I have two amazing young people that make me so proud every day to be a Mum.  Along with my husband who I have known since I was seven years old my next great passion is food. I love cooking, entertaining and feeding people. I grow vegetables and love the opportunity to sit and read in the sun (preferably with a mojito in hand). Since September 2019 I have commenced a four-year course at  a local college  to become  counselor which is both challenging and useful in all areas of my life. I have  a house Rabbit called Crumble and one day when I have time, I will own a dog”

  • Nick customer services manager

    Nick has a unique view within Nevalee as he was previously one of our customers. He has 7 years of experience working in IT and 7 years working in finance and payroll. Nick currently provides support for Visma, Xero and RedAtlas 2020 customers and is based in Devon. He is also assisting with the marketing.

    “Dad, husband and former President of the Dominoes Texas BBQ pizza is the best pizza in the world Facebook group.  I’m a fan of sci-fi and fantasy whether watching TV and film, gaming or reading.  I run a dungeon & dragons’ game once a week and spend twice as long preparing for it as we do playing it.  When I’m not busy ticking off as many tech geek clichés as possible, I’m usually asleep.  When not trying too hard to be funny I also try to actively listen and be empathetic and understanding, something I have found helpful in work and raising 3 boys!”

  • Chris Applications Support Analyst

    Chris has over 15 years of experience in a wide range of IT services including web design and software testing. He is an integral part of the team providing customer support for Visma and RedAtlas 2020 and has a great eye for creating reports in SQL. Chris is also the creator of our website and continues to keep it up and running. If you call the office it will probably be Chris who answers.

    “I enjoy long walks in the countryside and breathing oxygen, sometimes I do both at the same time. A great opportunity for practicing the essential skill of multitasking. One interesting fact is that I used to be younger than I am today. This seems to be a reoccurring yearly trend. Sadly, I do hate people with small dogs. Any dog under 50lbs is practically a cat, and if you want a cat, get a real cat. “

  • Matt Junior Developer

    Matt is working towards a Computing and IT (Software) degree at Open University. He is a .NET developer who has experience working with DevOps, managing agile processes and helping design system architectures. He is looking forward to applying what he knows to the current and future projects, and working in a team of awesome people

    “I really enjoy playing all kinds of video games like the XCom series, but my lifelong dream is to make video games. A few of my favourite TV shows are Mr. Robot, Friday Night Dinner and Breaking Bad. Coconut is my favourite food of all time and pizza is a close second. I am an adrenaline junkie and am trying to tick off most extreme sports like skydiving or bungee jumping.”

  • George Software Engineer Apprentice

    George is working towards a software engineering degree at the university of Chichester, he took ICT A level at sixth form and then wanted to pursue a career in IT and has been working in IT ever since. George will be helping with various tasks around the office which will help him to expand his knowledge.

    “I am currently studying for a software engineering apprentice degree at the university of Chichester. Me and some of the other apprentices started a society where we play basketball, pool, darts and are always looking for new activities. In my spare time I enjoy walking my two dogs (a welsh terrier and miniature schnauzer)  around the rocks on the beach. Apart from that I play any and all video games I can get my hands on”