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Release Notes - December 2019 Update

RedAtlas Airport Management System

New Features

  • Integration with aerops Pilot Payment App, this app gives pilots the ability to pay fees from their mobile phone – please contact us for more information
  • Integration with Copperchase Air Traffic Data System – a collaboration with Copperchase to strengthen both our positions in the industry


  • Movements – New option to add Retrospective Exercises in the Movement Log screen, like the Retrospective Movement option. A Retrospective Exercise does not include a Landing or Take-off movement
  • ATC/Movements - POB from last movement of an aircraft is automatically populated into the next movement in the ATC Client
  • ATC/Movement - New field to record if a movement required RFF3 service, the field is also reportable in the ATC log
  • Payments – An Add pre-payments button added to the Take Payment screen. This opens a window with the Advance Payments screen, which when completed and saved adds directly to the Take Payment screen
  • Flight Strips – New third flight strip option for LOCAL flights
  • Emails – Sender and Reply To email address of emails sent from RedAtlas can be configured between the default email in the Firm Settings or the users own email address. You can choose from the following options;
    • 1. Generic - the default; the user’s email address is ignored.
    • 2. SendAsUser - the current behaviour; the from address is the user’s email, if any.
    • 3. ReplyToUser – the Generic from and sender are used, but the user’s email is added to the “reply to” list.
  • Emails – Email sent from within RedAtlas are now in HTML format. This means images and fonts can be used in line with company branding