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Release Notes - June 2019 Update

RedAtlas Airport Management System

New Features

  • Fuel Meter Readings – ability to record meter reading against “Fuel Locations”. Fuel Meters can be defined in the Admin section
  • Customer – Added “pre-paid account” flag. If set, all scheduled invoices will be marked as paid using the “pre-paid” payment method


  • Customers – Added bank account details for Direct Debit use
  • Customers – Added secondary contact information. If used will automatically add email address to recipients in Invoices and quotes
  • Customers – Payments on account can now be added for information purposes only. When added a receipt can be issued
  • Payments – Added Direct Debit option
  • Invoicing – Added “purchase reference”, which will be set as the PO number on all scheduled invoices, and any manual invoices which don’t specify a PO number
  • Aircraft – “Footprint” in square metres added for reporting
  • Aircraft – When editing or creating, if specific details are missing, they will be added from the aircraft type, when available
  • Slots - Added the option to specify the customer number even if the aircraft is unknown
  • Slots - Added the option to create a new customer from the slot booking screen
  • Slots - Added the option to override the price for the slot
  • Slots - Added slot numbers, which can be auto-generated based on a prefix and starting number configured on the special event day
  • Slots - Added the option to display notes against specific times on the Slots / Events screen
  • Slots - Added the ability to pre-pay for slots
  • Slots – Times will show as both UTC and Local
  • Slots – Payment screen search function works on customer, registration and call-sign
  • Slots – Find Slots screen to search all slot bookings for a selected event
  • Scheduled Movements - Added the ability to duplicate a scheduled movement, copying everything except the time
  • Movement Log - Added the ability to create a road movement from the back-office
  • Uncharged Activities - The aircraft column now shows the current status of the aircraft
  • Scheduled Invoicing - Invoices will be generated in customer name order
  • Scheduled Invoicing - Added an option to print all, which will download a combined PDF of all invoices generated
  • Take Payments - Added “select all” option to select / deselect all payments
  • Parking Location – Added “available space” in square metres to report against aircraft “footprint”
  • Parking Locations - The operations parking screen now ensures that the locations are sorted by name
  • Fuel Locations - Add “no uplift” flag to prevent charging fuel from this location
  • Fuel Dips – Added a comment to the reading
  • Fuel Dips - The reading now displays the previous closing balance, if within the last seven days
  • Products - Add reporting group to enable more granular reporting
  • Quotes – The quote email template can now use [%REGISTRATION%] to insert the aircraft registration
  • SQL Reporting - Added new SQL data export option, to facilitate user-initiated data exports. Data can be exported to CSV, raw text or tab-separated values files, and can optionally include column headers
  • “People on board” can now be overtyped in the back-office to allow values greater than 9
  • Added training circuits charge group to firm settings, to allow custom prices when the “training circuits” option is selected
  • Searching on the “find invoices” screen now also searches the invoice lines and payments
  • Searching now includes date fields, and will match the day number, the month name, or the year number
  • When creating a new recurring charge, product, or runway, the “active” box will be ticked by default
  • Crediting an invoice will no longer default to using the invoice date

Bug Fixes

  • Pre-paid movements with an end date specified were not being considered on their final day. They will now remain valid until the end of the day
  • Special event days were displayed with the wrong date during BST
  • The overnight fuel warnings routine was failing if there were no fuel transactions to count
  • The charge service and account credit screens will now use the correct VAT rate to calculate the net price
  • The charge service success message will now display the customer name if no aircraft was specified
  • The credit movement button in the operations movement log was not working
  • In the copy documents page of the customer details, the invoice line total was not being shown
  • The slot bookings screen will now show the correct VAT rate depending on the selected direction
  • Pressing the “Enter” key on the slot booking or scheduled movement screen will no longer add a new handling line
  • Fixed a time validation bug in Internet Explorer