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Winter News 2020

Already into January 2020 and a new decade, time just keeps on moving forwards. As a small business it is useful to look back on what has been achieved as well as looking forwards. As 2019 ended we did just this at our team meeting. It is always worth revisiting the plans that you had drawn up at the beginning of the year to identify if they were achieved and if not why? Our Managing Director reminded us of the great achievements that we have accomplished as a team in the past year; we celebrated new customers, referrals from customers, new business processes for our clients; such as Making Tax Digital for Visma users and developing several web portals. As a company we have  also hosted charity fundraisers and celebrated our growth with an additional member of staff.

As a team we have focused and will continue to focus on team building.

As individuals we have completed company questionnaires about our own roles & other team members roles to help us understand each other’s areas of responsibility. We continue to develop our expertise in our given positions.

As a business we have introduced a software tool specifically for our development team to assist them with their development projects. This is also accessed by certain larger customers and provides them with clear visibility of how we are progressing through their requirements.

We then proceeded to 2020, our M.D shared his goals for Nevalee Business Solutions’ coming year and asked the team for assistance in achieving these. So, all the team set individual goals that were shared. These are measurable goals include extending our learning, achieving qualifications and sharing knowledge to other team members.

As a business with a  small team we are aware of stresses, heavy workloads and outside pressures , along with consistently striving for a work life balance.  2020 will  see the team work on their Emotional Intelligence and their awareness of others to help with mental health and to improve our working environment. We shall continue to take part in some fund-raising activities to assist us…. Yes, as always cake will be in the center of it

For Nevalee Business Solutions 2020 looks like a year that will provide us with challenges, an opportunity to provide the excellent customer service that we are now regarded for, along with growing our business and ourselves too. We look forward to engaging with new customers, maybe additional new staff, along with broadening individual team  knowledge and expertise.

As some of our customers reflect on what Nevalee Business Solutions has done for them it is great to know that;

“Nevalee has an ability to translate a requirement into something quite spectacular. That they have achieved something far better, at a fraction of the cost of an “off the shelf” product”

“Nevalee is not just our service provider, it really is a partnership to get the best out of a system!”

As always, our team considers all IT challenges to be possible, maybe we should reconsider our tagline as “All things are possible”

Thank you to all our customers for supporting us since 2012, we look forward to keeping you company as we move into the next decade.