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Release Notes - October 2020 Update

RedAtlas Airport Management System

New Features

  • Fuel - Fuel Batch Number added to the Fuel Delivery screen. This batch number will be used to track fuel through transfers and sales if that delivery is the majority of the balance of a tank


  • Security – Increased number of security roles for system users. Please visit the RedAtlas Help wiki for a detailed breakdown of access based on role
  • ATC – Landings have a new Child Movement Charge Group which can be used to reduce the cost of an exercise that is performed in the same set of movements
  • Fuel -Docket Numbers can now be made mandatory in the Firm Settings and the same docket number can be used on multiple sales, if it is a different fuel type for each sale
  • Fuel – When defueling, the aircrafts that have been defueled will be displayed as part of the Storage Tank information on the main Fuel screen
  • Fuel – Defueled Storage Tanks can now have Transfers to either empty Tanks or ones already allocated to that customer
  • Fuel – Fuel Meter can now be set to default the Opening Balance to the last Closing Balance, if it is within the last 7 days
  • Fuel – Option for fuellers to create new aircraft via the Charge Fuel screens
  • Fuel – Fuel Receipt role added to Contacts, when used this is the default email address fuel receipts will be sent to
  • Safety Checks - Wildlife Safety checks now have a Not seen option for Species
  • Aircraft Admin – There is now a Notes field on aircraft when editing in Aircraft Admin
  • Invoicing - Credit Notes will now use the address based on the original invoice, ensuring consistency for CASH customers

Bug Fixes

  • Fuel – Fixed an issue on the Charge Fuel screen where adding a fuel docket number would prevent the Say & Pay button from loading the Take Payment screen