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Support Services

Nevalee Business Solutions Support Services

Nevalee Business Solutions has a customer focused service desk solution that enables its customers to both email support request and monitor progress through a portal.  The support desk will also email those involved in any support cases to ensure everyone is up to date as it progresses.

Levels of Support

  • Critical – Software or Application is inoperable, or a core function is unavailable.
  • Serious – A core function of the software or application is significantly impaired.
  • Moderate – A core function has a minor impairment, or a non-core function is significantly impaired.
  • Minor – Any impairment not falling into the above categories or any cosmetic issues.

Logging Critical or Serious Issues

To log a critical or serious issue during the support hours of 08:00 to 18:00 please call the main Nevalee Business Solutions number 01903 331711

Logging Moderate or Minor Issues

To log a moderate or minor issue you can either email or use the service desk portal.

How to email a support request

The ability to email a support request is available to anyone in within the customers organisation.  By following these guidelines and emailing you will help us to respond efficiently and in a timely manner.

  • In the subject of the email please state a brief summary of the issue, including the application (e.g. RedAtlas, Visma Business, Visma Reporting) and the process or screen that is causing the issue.
  • In the body of the email please give additional details of
    • the screen that you are on
    • what you were doing when the issue occurred
    • what happened that you didn’t expect, or
    • what didn’t happen that was meant to
    • when this happened
    • If possible add an attachment of a screen shot that helps explain
  • Messages with details like “Visma stopped working” will be replied to with a request for more detail.  Vague support requests will delay our response times and extend the time you are unable to work effectively.

All support cases are given a unique identifying number.  When emails are sent from the service desk the subject line will include the number and the original subject line from the support request. If feedback or additional information is needed emails can be replied to directly using the service desk email and keeping the subject line unchanged.