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Release Notes - February 2020 Update

RedAtlas Airport Management System

New Features

  • A new screen showing all RFF3 movements has been added to the Operations Menu. Operations>Movements>RFF3 Movements
  • A new screen to restore deleted movements has been added to the Admin>Utilities menu. This can be used to restore a movement accidentally deleted
  • A new screen to Regenerate Invoice PDFs has been added to the Admin>Utility menu. This can be used to regenerate invoice PDFs if there is a requirement to resend with corrected details, i.e. customer address or account ref


  • Fuel Importer – A new field Till Type has been added to Till Location admin screen. The option of “Fuel Importer Application” will prevent this Till Location from appearing in the Take Payment screen to prevent incorrect use of till location
  • Fuel Importer – The External Account Reference of the Fuel account has been added to screen layout
  • Fuel Adjustment – When making a Fuel Adjustment there is now an “Unmetered” option. Adjustments using this option will not factor into meter reading balances
  • Fuel Meter Readings– Record Meter Readings screen will colour red if a sale is made against a tank where no meter reading has been entered
  • Handling – When completing Handing tasks, the user will now be prompted to optionally complete all related handling for the Aircraft
  • ATC Client – Option to show a different coloured outline to identify resident/visitor aircraft within the ATC application. This is set colour in Admin>Common>Firm Settings. Go to the Client Apps tab and set using Resident/Visitor Display Colour options
  • ATC Client – A new flag has been added to control the option to hold the number of PoB and PAX based on the last movement for up to 7 days. If unticked PoB will need to be entered manually each time in the ATC Client. Admin>Common>Firm Settings. Go to the Client Apps tab and set Persist PoB between movements
  • ATC Client – When an "Instruction" is part of a movement an “i” in a white circle will show within ATC. Hovering over the movement will display the instruction
  • Invoicing – Frequencies are now identified as “Customer” meaning it will be an option on customer set up and therefore within the Scheduled Invoicing and “Recurring” meaning they are solely used in Account Charges on Customers and Recurring Charges on Aircraft. Tick options on the Frequency will set which type the frequency is
  • Events/Slots – A “Hidden” option has been added in Special Events admin. Ticking this option will hide the event in the Events/Slots drop-down enabling historic events to be hidden from selection. The drop-down is now sorted in descending order and grouped by year
  • Aircraft Admin – There is now an option in Aircraft Admin to set the default RFF3 on aircraft, this will always create a RFF3 movement for this Aircraft
  • Customer Admin – When selecting the VAT exempt option on a Customer account, the system will now prompt for a VAT code to define the type of exemption e.g. EU or UK Charity