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Visma Business is an accounting and logistics system with full ledger and stock control capability, and multi-currency and multi-language functionality.

Visma is fully customizable giving you the flexibility and adaptability required to develop process efficiencies, concentrate resources and maximize profits across your organization.

It integrates back office systems, providing central knowledge and control of functional and departmental accounting activity.


Hear what some of our customers are saying about Nevalee Business Solutions.

  • The team at Nevalee have taken the time to understand the complexities of our work, and time and again have risen to the considerable technical challenges we have set them in the last couple of years. We have been grateful for their ability to respond to our needs, and anticipate potential issues. They are committed, solution-focused, and combine hard work with great skill at what they do.

    Laura Treneer — CPO Innovation Director

  • We are a fairly sizeable international group with offices in 15 countries and, as such, need to be all things to all men (or women). After deciding to migrate to Visma Business, we were introduced to Nevalee Business Solutions as our development/training/support resource. We had a very clear picture of what we wanted to achieve but like all projects this list grew once we were better acquainted with the flexibility of the system and the talent of our support team. 80% of our development was core and suitable for all countries, with the remaining 20% being slightly modified to suit local legislative requirements.

    I enjoy working with the team at Nevalee as they are innovative, quickly grasp requirements and add value wherever they can. They have sound knowledge in both finance and IT so we have a system which is very fit for purpose, highly automated and one we can continue to tweak and develop now the initial roll out has been completed. Thanks, we could not have done it without you!

    Nicila Collier — Divisional Head of Finance

  • We have worked with Nevalee for several years now and are pleased on how they innovatively develop solutions alongside us to ensure that our CRM / accounting system works with us as we grow. The service is great and they are always on the end of the phone when we need them.

    Jay Elliot — Head of Finance and Operations