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Here at Nevalee we are acutely aware that off the shelf products are costly and not a perfect fit for most businesses. We are proud of our developments team’s ability to listen to individual company requirements and then produce software solutions that meet their growing needs.

Whatever size business you are whether global, medium or small we are here to help and assist in developing solutions that are specific to your requirements. Contact us for a chat about how we can help your business exceed your expectations by providing an application just for you.

RedAtlas Flying School Administration (FSA) is a companion application that can be used alongside RedAtlas Airfield Management System or separately.

Designed around a browser based, interactive calendar that is effortless to navigate, FSA provides the tools to manage bookings and invoice directly from the calendar. Using a customisable set of resources such as aircraft, rooms and instructors, the bookings incorporate everything required in a single screen to go from initial enquiry to invoiced and completed. FSA also allows for customisable pricing and discounts, configured in an easy to use Admin section.

New for 2020 is a new Student admin structure including document repository and membership management; create your own custom syllabus and courses, incorporating PPL and LAPL.

Red Atlas Airport Management System

RedAtlas Airport Management System (AMS) provides general aviation, in the UK, a powerful tool to manage their airfields more efficiently.

With over 10 years of learning and development, RedAtlas can be smoothly integrated into any airfield, providing a seamless link between Air Traffic Control, ground operations & accounts. RedAtlas’ browser-based interface runs in real-time and its intuitive design is easy for users to navigate and work with.

The functionality proving to be a hit with our customers are the fuel management system, usable on any mobile device; the parking and hangarage module, giving a useful overview and easy billing; the integration with ATC, providing real-time information; user-friendly invoicing and payment process, which is fast, effective and simple. Additionally, RedAtlas AMS offers a Self -Service Portal, enabling the airfield’s customers to securely access their information, including contact details, invoices, and logbooks. It also allows the customer to book out their aircraft and make payments of outstanding invoices or charges, fully online.

Every airfield is unique and must consider a variety of factors when looking forward. RedAtlas provides that bespoke, smooth integration to suit general aviation.

Affordable ERP without the compromise.

The modern look and feel of the Visma Business financial and logistics system, coupled with high functional capability and almost unique configurability make it one of the most powerful suites of business management software available today. Visma Business has been developed using the latest Microsoft technologies and offers tight integration with MS Office and includes powerful business reporting with the ease of use of MS Excel.

Visma Business can grow and adapt to support the changing business requirements, meeting your unique business challenges.