Release Notes - July 2021 Update

RedAtlas Airport Management System


  • Fuel Dockets – declaration options can be defined in the fuel products and will be selectable options on the Charge fuel screen and can be used as part of a digital dockets
  • Schedule Invoicing – new tick option to select which Customers you want to run the invoicing for
  • Schedule Invoicing – new Scheduled Invoice email template and form so that the invoice and email format can be different for when running scheduled invoicing, will default to standard invoice and email template if not used
  • Take Payment – the CASH customer is now part of the Customer (Uncharged) section of Take Payment
  • Take Payment – invoice and payment dates now act independently, leaving either date blank will use “today” as the date
  • Advance Payments – there is now a Valid From option on the advance payment screen
  • Retrospective Movement – validation on the date of retrospective movements to prevent future dated movements being entered
  • Permissions – various changes to permissions to improve usability
  • Customer Portal – when making a payment you can now send the receipt to an additional email address
  • GINFO API – update to the API, aircraft lookup added to the Aircraft Admin screen


Bug Fixes

  • Aircraft Admin – corrected the issue when creating a new aircraft in the ATC client.  The engine type was not being copied from the Aircraft Type to the Aircraft
  • Aircraft Admin – fixed the column overlap issue when resizing screen
  • Aircraft Admin – corrected the error message if the Invoice Customer Account was invalid during aircraft creation
  • Deleted Movements – resolved the issue where restoring deleted movements would confirm the restoration but the movement was not actually restored