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Release Notes - December 2018 Update

RedAtlas Airport Management System

New Features

  • Fuel Dips/Meter Readings - An option to record fuel dips/meter readings has been added to the Fuel section in Operations. Fuel locations can be configured to allow for dips to be recorded at the start and end of each day and can also have a tolerance on any variations to be set.
  • Fuel Warning – Based on the overall fuel capacity of any fuel types, a warning can be emailed when the balance drops below a specified percentage and can recommend a quantity to reorder based on previous months usage.
  • Scrapping – The ability to scrap aircraft has been added in the Parking screen in Operations. Scrapping keeps the history of an Aircraft and its connection to a customer.


  • ATC Client – Aircraft registrations in the preset section are now links that, if clicked, will open a Movement Details pop-up.
  • ATC Client - Aircraft in the scrolling sections of the Home column will now be sorted based of the last movement time and date.
  • ATC Client – When entering an airfield in the Movement or Booking Details popup you can now click on the magnifying glass to help search and sort on the list of airfields available.
  • Fuel Charging – Fuel types can now allow for fuel to be charged when the aircraft is not present/away. Each fuel type can be set separately, so all fuel locations for that fuel type will be affected.