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Release Notes - August 2018 Update

RedAtlas 2020
Nevalee Business Solutions

Release Note - August 2018 Update

New Features

  •  Gates – parking locations, configure in the Admin section, now have a location type flag: “parking”, “gate”, “fuel”. The option to change parking in ATC has also been added and you will be able to filter a specific parking location in the Web Arrivals Board.


  •  Within the Accounts section of the customer a new “VAT exempt” flag. When ticked all invoice lines will be set to the new “exempt” VAT code.
  •  External accounting code added to tax codes – If you are planning on adding a code we will need to check the codes, and update your Sage export report to pick them up.
  • When Option to disable “landing card” and “no VAT on fuel” in take payment screen
  •  Option to move prepaid item / movement contract from aircraft to customer
  •  ATC: Option to create a scheduled booking from the main flights screen;


  •  Fixed an issue where invoicing a movement would incorrectly pick up a new prepaid item / movement contract.
  •  Airports created via ATC were incorrectly being marked as “inactive”