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Release Notes - September 2019 Update

RedAtlas Airport Management System

New Features

  • Take Payment Process – Take Payment screen can be navigated to from the Home Screen. There are options to add fuel and services from this screen and add discounts or change customer accounts
  • Duty Free Sales – Update to invoice description when fuel sale is duty free


  • Home Screen - Overseas arrivals on the Home Screen are now displayed with a highlight
  • Home Screen – Instructions can now be edited within the Home screen
  • Movements – Added a “passenger count”, which can be set from Scheduled Bookings / Event Slots screens
  • Events – When configuring an Event, files can be uploaded which will then attach to emails when invoices are emailed
  • Events – Bookings made during Events, but are outside of the Slot Booking process will no longer be tagged with the Event’s nominal code
  • Weight Bands - Hide historic weight bands using the Active flag
  • Products - Additional Charges table to enable a charge to be created based on another charge
  • Products – Discount Lines can now be created with no price needed, just discount amount or percentage
  • Customer Admin - deactivate customer, dropping them from searches
  • Customer Admin - Archive deactivated customers, moving any linked aircraft to Cash customer account, helping you maintain GDPR compliance
  • Customer Admin – Added a Direct Debit Reference field to the Accounts>Direct Debit section
  • Uncharged Activity – Additional option to Change Instructions on the options dropdown menu
  • Invoicing – The description of a Product can now include placeholders which allow for more relevant detail on invoice lines. This means aircraft reg, movement times and month names can be displayed on invoices
  • Invoicing – When producing customer invoices, you can select an address based on contacts within the customer with the Invoice Address role
  • Navigation – Improved date/calendar navigation in the Handling, Movement Log and Scheduled Movement screens

Bug Fixes

  • Charge Service – discounts will now be applied correctly
  • Fuel Charges – Corrected the restriction when trying to charge another Fuel product to an aircraft with a default fuel type set. Additional Fuel products i.e. Oils, can now be flagged to bypass the default fuel validation
  • Movements – People on Board no longer required when processing a scheduled booking, unless the system is configuration if set to require it
  • Copy Documents – Update to how invoices and credit notes are displayed so that outstanding and paid amounts aren’t changed by part-credited invoices