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Autumn News 2020

The leaves are changing colour and another season is on its way, where has 2020 gone? Are you one of those wishing for 2021 or have you grasped the challenges that this year has thrown and used it to evaluate where you and your business are?

Summer saw the launch of the company special summer offer with a 50% reduction on the hosting & support for an entire year for the RedAtlas airport management software. Originally due to end on 28th September, due to the significant number of airfields showing an interest, the offer has been extended to the end of 2020.

The ending of the summer saw a new role within the business, a Customer Service Manager, the directors promoted Nick Westwood, who had been working hard to develop our customer service experience along with improving the journey for each and every customer that makes contact with Nevalee. We have and continue to put customers at the very center of our business but appreciate that we should never be complacent about the journey that they go on each time they require us. From answering the phone, to responding to support in a timely manner, these are basic however vital parts of customer service that we never want to overlook.

“This promotion has come at a great time for the business, with a new support system still bedding in and working practices being updated to manage the longer-term impacts of coronavirus. I can make a positive impact on the team’s day to day roles and responsibilities and provide the customers with an even greater focus on their support requirements, ensuring professional and friendly experiences with as many successful outcomes as possible. I’m looking forward to the challenges this new role will bring me and the growth and development for me and the team." – Nick

Here at Nevalee Business Solutions the directors made the tough decision to keep the team working from home until January 2021 at the earliest. They met with the individual team members to find out how they were feeling about returning to the office, coping with working from home and other related questions. After discussions and further consideration, the directors believed that for the smooth continuity of the business working from home was the safest decision. This has not halted the team meeting up though, and there is a date in diary for every month to meet up (those that are local) to eat together and to have conversation. The directors selected a local small business that was happy to host the team whilst they were closed and to supply us with delicious food ( a very important matter).

The autumn sees three members of the team return to education, excited, wary, and concerned about how they will receive their education and if they will manage to gain further qualifications. Matt our Junior developer continues with his OU degree, George the company junior software engineer apprentice commences his third year at Chichester University and Stella the company office manager returns to Worthing College to continue her counselling skills. Further education for all the team is encouraged by the company directors and they always celebrate qualifications, yes cake is there again too!

As a small business we are always evaluating and reviewing where we are within the market, assessing our processes, our time management, and our value to our customers for example. Keith the company managing director attends a peer group that is held each month as part of Worthing & Adur Chamber of Commerce. He meets with local small business owners listening and sharing issues that all the members have. They celebrate success stories, support each other who are making tough decisions and provide suggestions to solve issues. This time continues to both be an investment both for the business but for Keith too, with honest responses and continual advice is a positive approach to help the reviewing and planning process.

This winter will see challenges that none of us have seen before, the future is unknown to every one of us. The team here at Nevalee however, will continue to support our customers with whatever challenges arise, our developers will continue to listen to what the customer requires to help them ride the coming waves and our support team will remain at their desks to answer questions and find solutions to ease the way forward as we move into a new year.