Keith - Founder and Managing Director


Keith has over thirty years of experience, across in-house and outsourced IT departments, consulting, IT training and security. His customer focus within Nevalee is to ensure that the IT solutions we offer are improving business processes - not just automating them. Keith is the point of contact for our customers from day one and continues to be until after completion of the work; he provides support and training, remaining in constant contact with customers to help them to pursue any further developments. 

Keith is also a volunteer trustee for Kamelia Kids Day Nursery, a children’s charity that is based in Goring, West Sussex. Along with attending regular meetings, he supports and advises the charity on business procedure and IT.

'As someone who never wanted to run his own company or even work with accounting software, I now have the privilege to be at the front of an amazing team selling and supporting software that encompasses all accounting functions. Hobbies have taken a back seat for a few years, but generally I like sport, all sport, mainly enjoyed from the comfort of the sofa these days. If there is no sport then a good action movie is my idea of a perfect relax, even if I am watching it for the 3rd or 4th time.’ - Keith