Since composing our last news, it has been all change here at Nevalee Business Solutions. September saw the launch of our new logo alongside re-branding our airport management system RedAtlas. After hours of discussion with a local marketing consultant and a design company we decided to drop the RedAtlas 2020 name and its three-plane logo for a more modern dynamic approach and settling on a propeller logo. As a small business we were able to involve all the members of the team in our logo discussions. Cogs were still the favorite choice for our company logo. We see our business; Nevalee Business Solutions as a cog within the IT systems of our customers, helping them to maximise the benefit of their investment in technology.

What else have we been doing?

George, the apprentice and newest member of the team has settled into office life, along with his weekly trip to Chichester University for his degree course. He has been the force behind the new help guide on the RedAtlas software, along with learning how to build websites and coding.

Chris, the patient, support desk team member has been kept busy with general support enquiries, answering the phone and calming all the customers who have difficulties. He sits alongside George and provides support to him too.

Richard, continues to be challenged by Keith to solve all the challenges that customers ask, no is rarely a response, however, how much time have I got to build that? Is often asked. He continues to provide new modules for RedAtlas, solve bug issues, and develop the airfield system. Whilst all that is going on Richard is supporting one of our largest customers with developing an internal web portal to help manage complex business processes.

Nick, the member of the team who works in gorgeous Devon, although spends a week in every six in Worthing, spends time supporting Keith with various projects alongside managing new airfields that migrate across to RedAtlas.

Stella, the office manager continues to care for the team on a day to day basis, looks after the social media accounts, managed the re-branding and now is focused on marketing the RedAtlas system to new airfields.

Keith as many of you know is the face of the business, providing on-site visits, where ever in the world that may be. Amsterdam is popular now. He continues to challenge the team to solve customer problems and questioning stays central to his management process. He continues to support Kamelia Kids Day Nursery, as a volunteer trustee. This year they are the charity for the Worthing & Adur Business Awards, so he will be attending this event as a representative of the nursery alongside being a member of the Worthing & Adur Chamber.