Stella - Operations Director



Part of the team since day one, here at Nevalee, Stella is the organizer and calm center within the company. Her wealth of experience in general business, including running her own businesses in the past, means that she is the gold standard when it comes to customer service. Stella ensures that the entire team is cared for & is also responsible for ensuring training takes place within the team. She also loves baking so keeps the team well-supplied with homemade bakes, a happy team will make happy customers! Stella’s responsibilities have developed over the years of Nevalee however she continues to be the person that challenges us to ensure that we get the best out of ourselves & that internal company policies are up to date & followed.

“My passions are my family – two amazingly talented & hardworking young people who continue to make me proud, my husband, Keith who I have known since I was 7 years old and have now been married to for over thirty years! Yes, you can work together & still love each other! My grand pets Dumbo (cat) & Hamish (dog) make me smile and provide me with unconditional love.  

In my downtime I volunteer for Cruse Bereavement Care, challenging but very rewarding. I also volunteer for Andy’s Angels Play Grief Café. I love entertaining, gardening & sitting in the sun reading (preferably with a rum & coke) with the company of my house rabbit Crumble”